Friday, 30 October 2009

My extra blog for new project

I made me an extra blog this week, only to see how my '5 year plan' is working out...
I won't be adding that much posts (or maybe I will, who knows) ; it's just a diary I made for myself and the ones interested to follow (up).
The name of the blog is based on that wonderful fabric 'toile de Jouy' but I delicately changed it for my label.
It's been in my head for over 2 years and now I want to see some action. The timing isn't perfect yet to start a new label but hey, I'm in no rush and have plenty of time to figure everything out !
I might ask you guys to add some constructive criticism ; be honest and tell me what you feel !
I could even ask to play model (if you're a 3 year old at least...) and try my try-outs on ...
I guess Diane has given me already a very good model for the time to come ...:-)
I leave you guys with some pics of my activities this week ; the hat is my fav so far !


The Peach Tart said...

You continue to amaze me with you creativity and brilliance.

HEK said...

Wow, I'm impressed! I hope you'll make your 5 year plan, and you are so creative so I believe you will:)

mich said...

Oh honey, you had a baby.....header for your new blog. It's adorable. I will follow your blog, but it won't let me comment or anything from Cute Hubby's page. I'll try again later.
No tape measure yet either. :(
Worked late today, sooooo tired. You inspire me though. Maybe I'll do something creative too.....tomorrow.
Love & hugs, xo d

Dominica said...

@thanks girls

glad to inspire you (and each other)
PS Diane aka Mich : if you have a ruler (30cm or an A4 paper ; it's A5 in the USA right ?) you can measure a skirt that fits her right now ; just 1 side is enough !

Dutch donut girl said...

I love the hat. Have fun with your new blog :)