Monday, 7 September 2009

Instant Spa in Antwerp ! (part deux)

So glad that USA label O.P.I is finally in store in Belgium ...

So finally been to that Spa today - first wasn't meant to be as I had a very hectic from here to there and back morning !
Phonecalls that boxes had been delivered just when I was standing with my hands full !
So no girlie date today and when I discovered the delivery was a double delivery (not even meant for me) I had it and said to myself ; the hell with it !
I'm taking a look if there's a place available for an instant foot treatment and there was !
Now because they are only open for 2 weeks, our local Antwerp tv station came in when I was already taken care of and they did an info-mercial for Relax (tv program)
If you look close and click on that last picture, you'll see the cameraman in the shop !

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diane said...

I'm glad you ditched the grind and went to unwind. Smart girl.