Sunday, 6 September 2009

Instant Spa in Antwerp !

I always envied the American ladies for having their instant spa parlors ...Sittin' next to each other - catching up and having your feet treated at the same time. This was one of the things that Antwerp lacked !
Not anymore - since Friday we can do the same - yay !
Instant Spa gives us ladies and gentlemen the opportunity to have any treatment, from head to toe...
I'll try to go over and bring you some real pics from the store when they are pampering my feet !
I really needed to go and have those 'paws' taken care off.
Just had to find the time and make an appointment ; but I hate making appointments and sometimes you have half an hour left and what better to relax and pop in to have a(ny) treatment ..??
Brilliant !
Will also take pics on those new shops that are opening this month in my city...Sissy Boy - Lifestyle at Home and Bellerose (re-opening this Friday).

Are you also excited on the next SATC movie ?


Evelyn said...

yes- SATC movie .just can't wait!

Anonymous said...

The spa sounds fantastic. I'm so jealous! Enjoy yourself and take lots of pictures.

Antonio Barros said...

Enjoy it!

Great blog!

diane said...

Make sure your new spa sterilizes their tools after every use. Years ago, I picked up a fungus from having my feet done. It was not a good experience.
SATC, h*lls yeah! Can't wait.

Blasé said...

the high-heel pic of Jessica looks dangerous.

The feet in the water with the flowers is more eye friendly.

Dominica said...

I had to comment back to you first ! Ewww ! Now you make me wanna NOT go !! That fungus sounds very Dr House !!
I'll be watching their every move carefully !!!

Sure will do !!

welcome and I'm taking a look this instant at your blog !

But the shoes are to die for, no ?

la flore et la faune said...

petals... nice idea for my bath

JFK Jean said...

I think I will be if I can get through seasons 1 through 8 fast enough lol *currently finished Episode 6 of season 1*