Friday, 14 August 2009

Back in Town !!

Coffee - hot or cold !! My fav drink !!

We had our personal Brüno in our hotel in Sorrento !

That's how I gained the extra 1 kg !! But I'm SO glad it's just the 1 kilo !! pfoee !!

Wanna put some teeth in Girl Interrupted ?? :-)

héhé, you can't imagine how I've missed you guys...
Gonna unpack first, will be off for the coast tomorrow as it's a holiday here (good time coming home, no ?? :-D
I'll leave some Twit pictures of the last weeks but i'll promise to make a beautiful 'reportage' of the ones I took with my good camera ...
Have a great weekend everyone and oh yeah, for my fellow Twitter followers, click and follow this great guy ... met him through Britney Spears (but that's another story) and we will have dinner in his resto tomorrow evening ...




Vic said...

Welcome back!!!! We missed you! :)

Great pictures - next time you're taking me, okay? But only if you don't laugh at me in my suit.

Dominica said...


Trust me, I've overcome some issues and complexes down by the pool ! Seems like young(er) people don't pay any attention in taking care of their posture and figure at all ! Must say, the American people I've met were very stylish and had a good dress sense but we can't beat the Italians ; they are so classy !! In every way !
..So I would never ever laugh at your suit !! We could swap clothes and shoes ; so next time, you just come along !!

diane said...

Don't you just love having all of your meals with your purse smashed up against your boobs while you're on vacation? That's always been a big plus for me, it's like "boob therapy".
Welcome back! It looks like you had a good time. I love that colorful top with the ribbons. And the bathing suit is great too.
I was delighted to get your post card, I have it proudly displayed in my living room. Thank you so much sweetie. You can see it on line by scrolling down my blog about 3 or 4 posts. xo

Girl Interrupted said...

Welcome back, Dominica :)

So glad you had a lovely time ... you look gorgeous in all of your photos.

I hope you posted that dessert with the postcard! I've been having serious fantasies about it ever since you posted the pic on Twitter :P

Have a lovely weekend, it's great to have you back xx

Dutch donut girl said...

Nice to have you back. Bruno looks fabolous :) No not really, but you did!

Have a nice weekend.

Rita said...

HAHAHAHA at the Bruno guy, hahaha, totally made my day.

Hmmm coffee... just had a cup right now!

Have a great week!