Monday, 17 August 2009

post 350 !! Hip hip Hurray !

Hurray ! My 350th post ! We've come a long way baby !
Thanks to all my faithful followers (they've deserved their spot in heaven...) and great comments in all these months. A big thank you for the ones that kept on following me while I was away, hacked and banned from Twitter. I think everything works perfectly again and we will keep on twittering cause it's so much fun ! Wouldn't miss it for the world.
A big 'welcome and join the gang' to Kevin R who joined our blogosphere world since yesterday and will make us hungry and crave for the meals his cooking !! Having his own restaurant here in Belgium I'm sure many of us will follow his adventures with delight !
Keep his blog in mind :
Cooking & Rocking (sounds cool no ?)
So I'm leaving you guys with a few of the first pics on our way to Italy...I didn't take these myself cause as you can see, I was feeling, REALLY bad on that rocky boat !
After my flight, drugged on Xanax and an empty stomach, they couldn't kick me more in my gut.
Come on Domi, still one hour of nausea and holding on to that little safety net (= plastic puke bag) before your holiday starts.
I must say that I've kept it together on that boat, the wind stroking my head did help, but only I know how it feels. If I look at the pic, I actually don't look too bad ; I even have some colour on my cheeks (and it can't be a tan already as my dear friend Diane had ordered me to put some SPF50 sunblock screen all over)....
Lots of pics will follow during this week : the colours splash off the screen when I look at them again and that's what Italy's all dolce vita, kindness and beautiful people and oh that food...musn't forget that food !!

Yay, destination in sight ! Starting to feel a bit better already !

But every rough journey has a beautiful ending ; so glad to be in this amazing hotel and look at that view !

And this is what you get to see on your right ; lovely no ? It was worth every puke and feeling of nausea ...
When you take a closer look at this picture ; you will notice down right, almost touching the leafs of the palmtree, something green lighting up...This is one of the small streeths of Capri, leading you to the tiny main square...Well the green light indicates a resto where many (American and UK) celebrities have had dinner : I've noticed Rod Stewart and his wife, Liz Hurley, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Maria Carey, Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber and many more..


Rita said...

These pictures are so dreamy! I wish I could be there right now, I especially love that first night shot... It looks so romantic!

By the way, I am soooo happy right now, because I have been looking for that Tu Vuoi Fa L'Americano song for sooooo long, I didn't know what it was called, and now I do. Thank you!!! :D

Have a great week!

The Peach Tart said...

These pictures are breathtaking. I'm so envious. I haven't been to Italy in over 5 years :(.

I too get motion sickness and for someone who doesn't they'll never understand how miserable it can be.

Glad the trip made it worth it.

Dominica said...

@Glad to have given you the song ! I know, it's hard when you look for a song SOO long. I got it from one of my fav movies, The Talented Mr Ripley...btw

@Hi Peaches
glad to know I have a motion sickness-soul sista !
The 2nd time back to Sorrento/Naples...we got to sit on another boat and I just kept looking at the horizon and this helped a little bit..(didn't puke so...)

diane said...

Hey there sweetie,
I can't believe how much Italy looks like the south of France, although I'm not surprised since they are so close. It looks absolutely beautiful.
I'm glad to hear that you took good care of your skin while you were on va-ca, and I think you must be one of the only people who actually takes my advice....on anything.
Don't forget to pick up your awards off of my page. :)
Love & lollipops, xo d

Taylor S. said...

congrats sweetie! I hope to one day be able to say that i wrote 350 posts too!
xoxo taylor

Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

Congrats, Congrats, Congrats. way to keep keepin' on. and here's to another 360 posts.

Dr Zibbs said...

Great pictures. I wish I were there.