Friday, 24 July 2009

Celebrate (part deux) - Pics of Surprise party on July 11th

SURPRISE !! I literally had to push him inside ! He wanted to smoke a cigarette outside first but we had to wait SO long for Mr. C to appear (high maintenance, he his - ai papi !!) I almost smacked him in the face ...INSIDE you go Mister !! (click on pic to see a larger version of his sheepy face)

Look honey, it says you have to love your wife every day and buy her all she wants !! ;-)

The interior of the Artist ; it based on a French Brasserie in Paris ...

Anouk & Barbara & Raymond

Happy Birthday to you !

Mr. C opens up his gifts ; he doesn't look cranky now, does he ?? :-)


My BFF Hilary and me see, I click more with my overseas females than anyone else down here ...


skywind said...

A happy party, happy birthday. :)

Dominica said...

Hey, look who's back !!

Jack Daniel said...

Looks like you've had a fun day!! I really like the 'WTF' picture. :)

The Peach Tart said...

The setting was beautiful and I LOVE the cake.

Dominica said...

@Jack D.
yeah I know LOL
Hubby cut the cake in a wrong way just for the pic and I was figuring out how to solve the prob ! LOL

in fact, the cake was yummie but I asked for a completely different 'look' - I even gave the patissier a picture !!
It was still too flat for my likings...I wanted a towering high cake ! ;-)

diane said...

Who bought him the green bong?

I've decided that I really like things on you that drop off of the shoulder a little bit.

I love the photo of the sparklers on the cake.

Dominica said...

green bong ?? You mean the box in the 6th picture ?
I think it was Barbara and it was the bottle of malt you saw in one of my previous posts (the 1 I got tagged by Mr Condescending)
The blouse wasn't an 'off the shoulder' one - in fact it was the smallest size and I even sew an extra button on it the night before but it kept droppin' ...:-/
A nice blouse but not practical to wear ! AT ALL !

diane said...

I was only kidding about the bong. I love how quick you were to clarify that. xo

Dutch donut girl said...

It looks like a great party and that cake is beautiful...... and.. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

BTW, I got here via Mr. Condescending ;-)