Saturday, 25 July 2009

Absolutely Fabulous Morocco Part 3 Best Ab Fab Episode Ever. - The most amazing bloopers are here


diane said...

I hope you were talking about Patsy's sunglasses, in that case, yes that's me. This episode was hilarious, and right up there with the one where they go to France, haha.
Hope you're having a nice week-end. And by the way, I could never imagine you being a mom like Edwina, she's so mean.

Girl Interrupted said...

Oh, great clip! lol

When we were younger my friend and I were nicknamed "Pats" and "Eddy" by our other friends ... something to do with drunkenly falling out of taxi's apparently :P

Have a great weekend Dominica

Dominica said...

NO, I was talking about Eddy's sunglasses !! LOL

@Girl I.
My former work mate Anouk, you could see her in the pics of the surpriseparty, and I, used to have the same nicknames...I was Pats (the high hair, Chanel addiction etc.) and she Eddy (same kinda eclectic clothing style)
Funny how we all have similar stories ...:-)

The Peach Tart said...

My daughter continues to tell me I'm the US version of Pats.