Saturday, 25 July 2009

Dominica, cheers ! Thanks a lot !

Since we are in the holiday season, I'd like you to enjoy the following vid I posted.
It's one of the best Ab Fab ones, where Pats & Edina are visiting Morocco ..
If you watch it you will get a look in how I like to be dressed when I'm 50 ..:-)
50 seconds into the video shows us a fab looking Patsy with huge sunglasses, a screen and marvelous hat !
At 1:20 = you can compare this situation between Edina and Saffy to India and me..she thinks I always wanna make a fool of myself (and I probably do but just to annoy her...).
The bird scene in the 2:05 minute is just hilarious LOL just as her reaction to Saffy and the food that is being cooked in the 2:35 minute.
When you're still with us in 4:47 and 5:01 I just wanna say these sunglasses are so Diane !!
I can totally see her with the scarf, glasses and long hair sitting and enjoying the Moroccan culture ...
Have a great weekend ! After work I'm off again for 1 day of sun at the seaside ; hope I don't get sunburned (again) ...

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