Monday, 4 May 2009

Seems like we have been tagged again !

Thanks to Diane, we all have been tagged ! I'm glad cause I didn't know what to write about today ....LOL

so, here we go !

Why is today special?
Cause it's my day off, the sun is shining and my creative projects look like they are gonna be OK...

What would you like to have in your hands right now?
a chunky piece of brown bread with some salty butter, I'm deleting most of my carbs since last week and I don't miss the pasta (makes me feel sick sometimes) or rice and potatoes, I only crave bread right now !! :-/

What do you look for in a friend?
a friend should be someone that still connects with you, even when you haven't seen each other in 5 years...I like to let my friends be who they are : veggie, fur-lovers, religious or not, gay, bi-sexual or just or white...and I hope they let me be in my own choices and respect those choices. You shouldn't feel like your walking on 'eggs' whilst spending time with your friends.

Who do you want to meet in person? Gosh, too late now but I've always wanted to meet Princess Diana...and now, some old fashioned movie star like Sophia Loren when I will be in Capri this Summer ...

Who is your favorite designer? (almost) anything Chanel would do nicely but if I won Euro Millions I would definitely buy a Haute Couture dress from John Galliano

Fashion pet peeve?
Too short when too old 

Do you admire anyone's style? People in the street give me loads of inspiration daily ... I just love watching them and create a little style of my pick someone famous : Sienna Miller (#1 for me)


diane said...

I am coveting that piece of brown bread with salty butter (licking lips). John G. is like a loose cannon in the fashion industry, but that makes some of his designs totally fabulous.
Enjoy your lunch. xo

Vanna said...

I just saw that you got the Ann D bug brooch! I need that NOW, because it's absolutely gorgeous. I think I'll pick one up when I'm in NYC on Friday.

So jealous right now! Hope you are doing well!

Jack Daniel said...

woolie doolie...dat zei ik omdat je een beetje gekkig overkwam. haha.

skywind said...

Oh, very funny look. LOL
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Dominica said...

no lunch...just a crave

It's because I went in to ask prices concerning that collection of hers with the beaded ensembles.
SOOO expensive and it was just a waistcoat..oh well, maybe in sales ..who the brooch was a 'make up consolation-buy' for me ....but I had loads of reactions whilst wearing it ....:-)
So good luck (they also are available in other colours)