Sunday, 3 May 2009

Inspiration, fabrics and dirndl blouses

WTF ??

Oh yeah, I've managed to convince hubby in going to a fair where they sell FABRIC !!
Yes, fabric !!
Poor man, you all must be thinking - that Dominica is one hell of a woman and spouse !
Nah, I'm kind - a bit difficult maybe and I like to complain now and again, but I'm from Antwerp and Antwerpians like to 'nag' every day !
So it's in my genes, it's not my fault ;-)

But i'm drifting, hubby and I took at least 4 trams (3 going through the subway system) to get there ....the entrance was free - me so happy !!
And then, uh oh, fabric orgasm !!
I just like to touch, feel and feel again those thousands of metres of fabric and keep my eyes open (like an eagle) to find and buy the fabric that I want.
Forgot to bring my camera (told you I needed some James Bond prop to carry around) but I can show you the result of my addiction....
I'm feeling so inspired and creative ; I just wanna live another life to make the most beautiful things ever !
Just for fun, to relax and enjoy a quiet moment....
If I manage to make something out of will follow !!

We only stayed like 1 hour - I'm not taking to much advantage of the fact hubby came with me...(love the man, mmmuuuuaaaaah, big kiss) so we headed quickly with 2 trams (in the other direction it seems easier in fact) to the centre of Antwerp.
Now, it was his decision to take the stop in the centre and at the beginning of the High Street...poor man, again, no luck for him, if he had known ...ALL and I mean ALL the shops were open this Sunday !!! Yay !!!
I promised to just get into 1 shop because I knew exactly what I wanted and what size ....
New Look has this cute blouse on display on adverts down our streets...So, Heidi von den Bergen, be aware ... Dominica is going to be competition in the next Jodeln Wettbewerb (contest) with her brand new purchase ....


Girl Interrupted said...

Oh that little top is divine!

Sounds like you had a lovely Sunday!

Jack Daniel said...

Hahaha, you sound a lil woolie-doolie in this post. It´s funny. Haha.

diane said...

That top is so great, it reminds me of 1960's hippie tops.

Dominica said...

woolie-doolie = geitenwollensok of zoiets ?
Even vertalen naar t Nederlands...:-)

Anonymous said...

Aren't you lucky that shops are open on Sundays! Your DH is a saint.