Friday, 15 May 2009

Same ol' weekly sh*t ....

Didn't I tell you The Toppers wouldn't get into the finals !!
Why don't we just call it a day ... Eurovision to me has become a contest in 'What not to Wear' (send Trinny & Susannah over next year..they sure got some work to do !!) and what music isn't all about ! I can't understand all the fuss each and every year and that we are still searching for that number (preferably written by Andrew Lloyd Webber...what was he thinking...) to win.
Here's my tip for you : Sing any freakin' song you like but in Lithuanian !
That just might give an extra vote ... *sigh*

I just love being on Twitter ; it has given me already some great opportunities.
I was able to get those Britney tickets first as an extra present for my daughter..Hadn't I been checking out my Twitter that day, I would have been too late or worse, wouldn't have had a clue about Brit-Brit coming to Antwerp.
I'm also following MIKA ; and the lovely boy with the golden voice was in my city yesterday !
Checking out the Walter van Beirendonck store and he just loved it !
See, that's what I like ! Twitter is just awesome ...

All week long, I've been trying to avoid flyers and people trying to convince me into going to that Mama's & Papa's party at school...
So tonight is their night out with all the parents that lick each other in the butt and will get drunk pretty soon and all good manners will melt like snow in the sun.
Still this morning, some conservative die-hard woman, tryed to hand me yet again, a flyer for this party ; I gave her my 'Do I look like I'm the type for this kind of Party' look and did the no-no sign with my head.
I think I was the first person EVER to say NO (f*ck off) to that flyer !!
Good on me ! Extra point for the day !
Just for the record : LEAVE me alone !! 

Like Girl Interrupted will have her own annoying customers when she's on the job the next couple of weeks to come ; I also have my own people that, if I could spot them in time...I would quickly lower my blinds and close up with some cheap excuse hanging on my door until they'd go away...I was helping a little guy with some shoes as suddenly I heard somebody come in my shop. When I lifted my head I was screaming to myself : NO !! Not HER again...!!
This is a 'client' that is visually very VERY thin, heroïn chique, but without the chique, tall and speaks with a voice that's sounds intoxicated. I cannot discribe her in another way.
I wonder how on earth she ever got pregnant ; but typically, people that are healthy and want kids desperately, can't have any and coke-using, smoking girls will give birth to the most beautiful and healthiest kid on the planet. How unfair is that ?
But it's always like that. So, a few months ago she came in blabbing that she had these wonderful ideas and that she was designing a collection for kids ...
She asked for an appointment, that I gave her (I can't say no sometimes, have to stay polite only because there were other people in the shop). This date came closer, in fact - it was a Friday the 13th and I remember I dreaded this day the whole week before...I even considered closing the whole day ...Can you understand how much I hate to have her in my own shopspace ??
Now, she didn't turn up ... (she probably had a more urgent appointment with her dealer...)
and I was SO happy !!
So, this woman was standing next to me (and me looking up at her from my frog-eye view ; she looks even worse from that angle) and she apologized 128 times. I said to her she didn't have to worry ...She then asked me when to make another appointment but I just said I didn't have my agenda/diary on I so hope she just leaves me alone....!!

finally, yesterday night, I went to an opening of a kids-store in town..Got an invite ..and I'm just curious enough to see and check how others are thinking about children's concept stores...
Now the couple that invited me, have a label for more than 10 years and the first time I've ever met them (correction ; met her first, then him) I thought she was sweet but a bit pushy and a little bit hysterical too. Second meeting I met her (I know now EX) husband and OMG, it just scares the hell out of me to know that they've been married, they had 3 kids together and that she never had a clue !! He invented GAY !!
But I'm drifting, so yesterday night, quick search for the street and that shop, lovely bouquet of flowers in my hand...
Stayed for a while and then 'kaboum' ...thunder and lightning...a monsoon shower like never before...I didn't want to wait in there very long, it was bloody hot (as you can expect on a night just before a storm) and very small and crowded with people that oozed ...uninterested to me.
So after some quick ecxuse to get the hell out of there and an umbrella for the road...I ran of home, avoiding puddles of water.
At home, soaked and a bit cold, I hung all my wet clothes to dry and when I lifted my legs for a nice rest om my sofa...I saw my feet had black spots !!
No, no creepy swine-flu or life treathening desease but apparently my boats had marked some ink on my soaked feet.
Been trying to rub that of since yesterday but I'll guess no sandal-shoe fitting the next couple of days ...


diane said...

Seems like there are a lot of people to avoid these days, glad you're not one of them. xo

Dominica said...

OMG Diane, there are so many nice people but these 3 or 4 can really ruin your day !!
And I always find that I'm the only one that senses that or is everybody just more clever and doing the 'I avoid you' thing with them ?
I wish I could be like that but my 'feelers' are very sensitive I guess.

Siska said...

your header is so cool!

Girl Interrupted said...

lol I LOVE the "Do I look like I fly ..." pic!! :P

Aw, sounds like a bit of a trying day, I know what you mean, I do try to find the funny side in most things but there are always one or two people that make you inwardly groan with displeasure as soon as you see them coming.

I wish I could watch Eurovision with you, that would be such a hoot! :P

Have a lovely weekend, Dominica xx

Dominica said...


Oh yess, we would have so much fun ! You know, even Dita von Teese does an act with the German entry !!
That's why Twitter is SO good ! Always ahead of things (I'm following Dita, that's how I FOUND OUT !)