Thursday, 14 May 2009

Guess who's doin' Antwerp today ?!

Just showing you a pic...who's this...

tips :
Grace Kelly
Walter van Beirendonck
X t shirt ....

So ....??


diane said...

No clue, after lots of cheating and researching, still no clue. I can only cry "sick" and plead for mercy.
Love that cute photo of you though.

Girl Interrupted said...

It's Mika :P .. he rocks!

Hope all is well with you Dominica :) ... and I agree with Diane, that's a great pic of you x

diane said...

Just an fyi, when I'm feeling better Girl I. said we (you included) are going for a road trip with Vic, with a trunk full of beer, tequila, and chocolate. Sounds good, right? It may have to be a virtual road trip since we all live in different countries/states, but I'm still in.
I loved your "movie" comment on Girl I's page, it made me want to snuggle in for a movie with Cute Hubby.

Helga said...

you are looking just wonderful! and i like what is in your hands:)

and i don`t know who - but i love him ))

Alessandra said...

Mika is the man! Can't wait for his new album.