Thursday, 28 May 2009

PlaPlapluie ..

What an umbrella can cause !
Finally today I took the umbrella I borrowed back to my shop ; let me say I never use an umbrella. I rather get soaking wet or use some Che Guevarra kinda cap to protect my hair.
But really I don't give a sh*t when it rains ; an umbrella is mostly more of a pain in the a**.
So, this morning it was raining again and this was the moment to bring the thing along.
Before I go to work I usually have some breakfast and so I did this morning.
Now, the place that I wanted to go to, has some large umbrella's to protect their terrace and I felt lucky so, when closing my little umbrella I could shelter under theirs before going in.
Now imagine me in the middle of the passage of that terrace, filled with men only (why ?? don't know and don't ask) and me wanting to close the f*cker elegantly.
The damn thing wouldn't close ; I pulled, dragged, squeezed and almost cut my hand !
This nice man (apparently he's a comedian and brother of a singer in Belgium) offered to use his manpower but failed. I didn't look that ridiculous anymore. The guy that works here (I once called a d*ck in an apron, but that's another story) is being very friendly lately (why, don't know, don't ask) and offered to close it for me but first he wanted to lend it to get some bread from across the street and asked me nicely if he could borrow it.
Hey, he had some toned arms, muscles and he's tall so...go ahead I ssshddd him away and in I went.
Now, this umbrella is a piece I borrowed myself and I was thinking to myself ; hopefully he can close it or else I have to stock it somewhere in my shop and an umbrella (and a wet one too) takes a LOT of place when you have to get rid of it and are not able to close it ! 
See, now I know why I never use any umbrella in the first place....
Trouble !
The tall guy with the muscles came back after 5 minutes and sadly had to announce he wasn't as strong as his arms would make me believe.
So after my boiled egg and cappuccino, off to the shop with a stupid umbrella that doesn't close.
In my shop I tried to close it like 15 minutes long, using all kinds of tools ; screwdriver, scissors, anything that could  come in handy, but no Madame Butterfly parasol wouldn't move ...until finally, KAPUT !
I'm on the search now for that same model and I think were I can find it and hopefully the person will not notice he/she has a slightly lighter coloured model now...
I called 3 shops to find it and my only luck is that it only costs 5€ !! Ouch !


Girl Interrupted said...

lol isn't it funny how they'll blow inside out and close when you least want them to (i.e when it's pouring down and blowing a gale and you've just spent 20 minutes straightening your hair!!!) ... and yet they won't budge an inch when you need them to!

I think old ladies have the right idea with those little plastic head scarves :/

Morena Doll said...

Wow. Such an interesting story although I must say that's a very pretty umbrella...prettier than mine at least. It hardly rains here in Cali so I don't have to worry about going through what you did. Haha.

Anyway, how are you Dominica? Hope all is well. :)

diane said...

Poor, poor Domi! I can't believe you almost cut your hand trying to close that thing. And then you had to shell out your hard earned cash to replace it.
It has been raining here for so long, my yard is starting to look like a jungle, haha.

Dominica said...

Yes, that's why I never use an umbrella but 2 weeks ago it rained so hard I needed that umbrella to get home in a decent way...:-)

Thank you, feel much much better now and I'm so jealous that it never rains where you are living ...:-/

what can I say...the damn thing had some really sharp edges ; real dangerous stuff..if I was to go abroad, I think they would take that stupid umbrella at customs because you just could hijack a plain with this number