Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Frustrated !

 In the clip I posted (2nd from top down) you can see frustration on the face of that poor Indian woman Meera, who is harassed contantly by Marjory Dawes.
I am an annoying person myself ; I often make life miserable for those living with me.
The clip above shows how I can be a real pain in the a**.
Like Meera, you will notice my hubby's cranky face and this is why.
I like to play music ; he does too but I like to play it really REALLY LOUD !!
And together with that loudness comes an act of behaving like I were in a video on MTV.
My daughter thinks I'm crazy but it's already in her genes and I often find her dancing and doing the same exact act in her room or in front of a mirror.
Look at her grin (she recognises my/her behaviour) and she knows she's gonna turn out that way sooner or later.
My son likes the fun ; he doesn't know any better.
My husband on the other hand, often thinks to himself ; Was I drugged when I married her ?
Is she going to be like this when I'm 79 ??
What was I thinking when I met her ? How long does this song go on (and on) ...Why did I ask her to bring her i-pod in my car ?
Can I dump her somewhere on the motorway (you see him looking in his rear-view mirror to check any possibility...)
Anyway .... this one's for you Diane !
You wanted some action - you got it !
Will you still like me after seeing this ??
I wonder ....


Alessandra said...


I am CRYING HERE! Laughing so hard with your video! Hahahahahaha

This is hysterical...I feel for India, but mostly for your hubby because he is like you said, pretending nothing is going on.

I love doing that too, and my friends in Brazil used to have lots of fun with my crazy dance moves. Here I don't do it anymore...only when I used to have the kids in the car with me and we would all dance. I am boring now. :-(

LOVED the video...and you singing is priceless! Too cute!

PrincessImp. said...

I love it! I think your singing is flawless!

diane said...

You are totally hilarious, and I would go on a road trip with you anytime! Do you remember the car scene in National Lampoon's Vacation, with the parents singing, and the looks on the kids faces? Hahaha, you crack me up!

Dominica said...

see, another reason to move over here ...we could do crazy dance moves and start a club ...

now you crack me up ; flawless...?? That's not what I was thinking singing is really bad !

I do know that movie but I've seen it like 25 years ago must rent that movie again I guess ;-))

diane said...

I just came back for another look. Still hilarious.

Dedene said...

That was too funny. Your daughter looks like she's going to crawl under the seat from shame. Keep on being a pain, it's good for the soul.

Anonymous said...

OMG!What a cool mom you are!
And don't worry, your daughter will appreciate it as soon as she gets older.