Friday, 29 May 2009

School's out ...

Yep, it's Friday - my fav day of the week.
School's almost out (it always get very busy between 3 and 4pm) and that means my countdown for the next 120 minutes till I get to close up and enjoy the following 2 hours of 'chill out'.
After a week of feeling like a hostage sometimes in my shop - screaming children - mothers that ask their 2 months old babies what they think of the colour orange and then wait for some answer to come out of the little one's mouth...(I never understood but maybe I'm not a mumsy-mumsy type after I saw 'Look who's talking' years ago)
So the next 120 minutes will be filled with people who need a little present for a newborn kid they are going to visit this weekend ; loads of birthday-cards will pass my counter (the weekend leaves some time to write for some I guess) and then my daily stalker will put her nose on my window. 

I think she has a cranky husband, who doesn't want her to smoke in the house, so she does her daily walk-routine in my shop's street and has her pitstop in front of my window.
In the beginning, I always thought she would come in but passing the border of a smoke-free environment is a bridge too far for her I guess.
So, she just puts her nose against my (clean) window and inspects my displays and what I am doing or whatever.
She stays for 30 seconds and then continues her walk.

Note to myself :
Must ask Dagny of the Fisk Boutique nearby if she stops at her window too and if she does a fish impression while she's at it.

Today I have to re-calculate my chill-out route, as I need to fetch that umbrella to replace the one I cracked after it had been sabotaged.
So I'm a bit cranky already and if I have a late customer, I will go and look for it on Monday.
The weather will be fabulous and I never have an umbrella on me so it will look a bit ridiculous walking with an umbrella on my arm.
People will ridicule me and ask me if I haven't heard the weather forecast.
And my chill-out 2 hours don't involve explanations on why I have a brand new umbrella hanging down my arm.

Note to myself : will go to umbrella shop on Monday

Sunny weather always brings out the best in people and their dress-sense.
Yesterday my son would have been ecstatic, would he have been in my shop. But luckily he wasn't cause kids can be very honest and direct and I knew he would have screamed at this lady coming in : It's Esmeralda of the Peter Pirates show !!
Now here was a fashion statement that would make any pirates-girl green with envy !
Long black curly hair, long laced frilly skirts (1 on top of the other) and ancle boots ; hoola hoop earrings to bring your perrot along and loads of black mascara.
Sometimes I feel weak for not taking a picture ; I told you guys once ; I really need a James Bond prop (camera in disguise) or one of my eyes replaced into a glass one with some science fiction camera build inside it.
Some people are just to good to be true...but I need prove so you will not accuse me of making this up.
I replaced the battery of my tiny little camera already so I can try and make some picture-proves if possible.

Today I read an article in my husbads paper on Twitter.
Now for most Belgians - and I don't speak for myself, I have Spanish blood running through my vains - Twitter doesn't do anything. As for me, it has given me the chance in getting Britney Spear's tickets in time (I follow BritBrit) - knowing when my fav male singer hits our town and most recently, I've been playing wordgames with Lily Allen and HardDeepDeep (Dr Zibbs, you really should follow this guy, he's hilarious !) 
Lily Allen (a British singer with a fondness for anything Chanel) has made an extra Twitter account I've been following since day one, just to use this when she's on the wordgames.
I must say, I have read some hilarious stuff like :
#celebritycars = citroenny wood ; mini driver ; ronnie corvette ; clionardo di caprio ...
#jamesbonddinner = a view to a quail ; the wonton of solace ; on her mac'n'cheese secret service ; liver let die.....

Need I say more ??
I just love things like that !
I wish I could play with you blogosphere friends !!
I know I would crack up or wet my pants within the hour !
I just wanna say, I LOVE Twitter and while the mainstream Belgians are just discovering Facebook (BOOOORING) I'm surfing and enjoying my Twit-world !
So much fun !


diane said...

Friday- crispy chicken on the menu, exhausted after a full week, sunburnt after being out in the sun. (how'd I do?)

Dominica said...

it's the chicken that needs crisp not you !! :-O

Girl Interrupted said...

Haha ... oh I love the word games!!!

We should have a go at them on here!

Ps: That guy in the pic? Pretty sure I dated him once, he was great in bed but shed like a demon!

Vic said...

You know how I love spy pictures! I want to see your stalker smoker lady!

You make me laugh!

Dominica said...

we should - maybe if we could chat along via Twitter or really should make that account pretty soon !

Oh ! haven't thought of that idea yet ! But how do I take her pic when she stares you in the face ...;-)
Have to think about that one (I'm working on it !)