Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Holy sh*t !

The new issue of Goedele magazine (a former Miss Belgium, tv presenter and sexuologist) provides a lot of fuss in the ecclestiastical authorities (Church authorities). Goedele can be seen on this month's cover as a nun, wearing a lace bustier...Several Belgian bishops see this as a blasphemous act and especially the fact 3 'hosties' are offered in the issue with the following text 'take and eat, this is my body...'   is unacceptable (and also because these words are the essence of a sermon.)

Against the use of the phrase :
'come to my room, boy' the bishops don't seem to have any objection......;-))


Girl Interrupted said...

Hahaha ... !!! :P

Ps: I can't WAIT for Eurovision!!!

Pps: LOVE that Hippo pic! LOL

Monika Marie said...

Brilliant. I had to google sexuologist - I've never heard the term before!!

Dominica said...

@Well, she has a degree in this - I hope I spelled it right...You don't wanna know how long I'm looking for just this 1 freakin' word because I don't know the exact 'Engrish' .... :-D