Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Eurovision Song Contest (part deux)

Wanna bet they don't make the finals now (for sure) ?? Is the pope also a juror in this contest ?

Gordon, one of the three members of The Toppers, will not be part of the final in Moscow on Saturday the 16th, if an announced gay demonstration in Moscow will be put down. "If violence is used, I'll fly back to the Netherlands immediately", the singer said. 

The Russian Gay interests organization wants to demonstrate, on the day of the final, May 16th. Russian Police tend to perform fiercely against gaydemonstrations.

The other toppers, Jeroen van der Boom and René Froger, are waiting for the final day. It is however still the question if The Netherlands pass the second semi final. Online betting sites are not giving The Toppers much chance to do so.

Later on the day an official press-releasy followed from Gordon about the interview with the NOS. We have been in Moscow for one week now, and are experiencing the hospitality of the Russians. We can not believe something bad will happen during the gaypride. The Eurovision Songcontest is renowned as an international event for Love and Happiness. We have to cherish this message in the coming days.

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