Thursday, 7 May 2009

Got some inspiration from Diane !

This is taken in 1970 at the Belgian seaside ; my mom was 22  and I just a few months old....(look at me making bubbles at the photographer) 

Nude pic - and already had a stylish pair of sunglasses on my head ! (age 8)

Ah, and old polaroid picture ; me and my niece ... I think I look pretty in this picture..maybe a bit like India now (I guess I was her age back then, 12)

Terrible school pic ; I am 15 years old and I remember that I got that necklace from a Dutch holiday sweetheart in the South of France ; we kept contact until I was 22.
I read once he's a lawyer now !

Old skool picture ; can you see who I am ?
Am NOT a natural brunette...

Britney avant la lettre ...(aged 17)

My mum and me (don't we have great legs ;-)) ; we had sort of a love/hate relationship...but in fact, she was one of the best friends I ever had ....miss her very much and sometimes I wish I still could spend like 1 hour and trade it for a year of my life. (she's 39 in this picture ; same age as I am now...)

and how I look like (almost) now ...(back in 2006)

haha, lovely to see what we all looked like growing up (for me in the 70-ies and 80-ies, I was born in 1970...)
Due to Diane's great post today ; this is my result ...(sorry if pics are not always the best quality...)


diane said...

You look a lot like your mom and India, I love how that happens in families.
School group shot, bottom right, too easy. Prettiest girl in your class.
Love the polka dot crop top.
My oldest daughter said "Dominica is soooo beautiful". I agree.

Dominica said...


thank you so much ; the crop top was ordered from la Redoute and they still excist !(Infact, I remember Vanessa Paradis, Johnny Depps' wife had exactly the same, me SO proud!)
Check out they still have some pretty tops and great bathing suits !

Hope we will see some other great posts and old skool pics from our fellow bloggers ;-)

Monika Marie said...

Wow sometimes I feel like the new digital camera's take all the life and glamour out of pictures, the first one with you and your mom is just so stunning, I can see where you get your beauty from!!

Girl Interrupted said...

You have natural beauty AND you look equally stunning as a blonde and a brunette!

Lovely pics :) Thanks for sharing

diane said...

La Redoute was one of my favorite catalogs when I lived in France. Oh, and btw, thanks so much for the reminder that Johnny Depp is married, I think I'll just go jump in front of a truck now.

Dominica said...


hahahaha, no OMG !
If a friend fancies someone and he/she might be married, I always reply ; but, you don't 'feel' that now, do you ?
(it sounds better in my Flemish/Antwerp accent ...)

Helga said...

lovely photos!
it was surprising to see you with blond hair ))) but you look just great everywhere :)

Vic said...

I loved getting to see these pictures, Dominica!

You're beautiful in every picture. And you're mom and you DO have great legs in that picture. Oh, to have long legs!

Dominica said...

Trust me - at 5'4" I really don't have long legs but they look endless in this picture !!
And now my legs look more...toned but I think too much...
If I wear high heels they look ok but with flat ballets I look more like Lance Armstrong !!

me melodia said...

I love that top photo of you and your mum. so precious.