Thursday, 7 May 2009

Belgian men (part 1) (click the title for this great trailer)

Kevin Janssens, actor 

Stan van Samang, actor and singer

Matthias Schoenaerts, actor

2 for the price of 1  : Mauro & Tom Barman from dEUS

Tom Barman, frontman and singer from dEUS, movie-director (Any way the wind blows)

Actor Koen de Bouw

Cyclist Tom Boonen

and this one's for the ladies ; some pics of famous you like our 'fijne vleeswaren' ??
(roughly translated as 'fine meat')


diane said...

Speechless, absolutely speechless. :)

Dominica said...


you should look at Tom's movietrailer, such a great movie and mostly filmed in Antwerpen !

erinleighheart said...

nice, very, very nice. :)

Monika Marie said...

Impressive!!! You're county knows how to make em'!!

Dominica said...

@Monika Marie
and loads of those guys I see/meet every day !!
I live in a building where a Delhaize (a fancy kind) supermarket is ; it used to be on telly once ; it's a 'date' place for singletons !!
Can you imagine ?

Rita said...

Wait, wait, wait, so many handsome men in such a small country, that cannot be fair!!! I liked Stan van Samang the best!

MUS said...

woehaa, geweldig!! ...die ken ik. met matthias heb ik in nog de klas gezeten in antwerpen!!

Anonymous said...

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