Saturday, 23 May 2009

back to work today (just the one day)

Because I promised the customers and someone's has to get up and work, no ?
But I am very glad to have had these 2 extra days off (luckily it was just a long weekend here) so it didn't show that much !
Tomorrow we plan to go to the coast and enjoy some sun, cause I start to look like Michael Jackson (I may need some tan).
I don't understand how I got this flu ...I remember a guy that came in my shop last week (with his wife) and he sneezed 2 times but in a very nasty and disgusting way fact, so horrific, I cleaned the door handle with some detol (I really did) so, I blame this ass**** for my flu !!
If he comes in again, I will do him - I' ll start making a voodoo-doll and give him a run for his money !!
There were so many things I could have done on these 2 days off and now I just saw my bed, my sofa and my flu-pills...
Yesterday I saw War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise on telly ; what a BAD movie !!
I liked the Scary movie version even better !!
Then I saw Jonathan Ross' show late at night, with Martin Sheen as one of his guests !
Such a great and inspiring man !!
Great guy !!
I also wanna thank all you darlings for wishing me well and get well soon.
That did something to me ; in fact, I felt really guilty not being able to read all your blogs ...
so I try to catch up but forgive me if I'm not that fast and you might find a comment on a post you did like 4 days ago ...
...Love you guys !! XXX (I'm not going to kiss ; don't want to infect you ...)


Anonymous said...

Get well soon Dominica. I think it is a season for the flu at the moment.

I hope you enjoy the one extra day of the long weekend. You must be heading into Spring in your part of the world (lovely time, sunshine, smiling faces, happy things). We are heading into winter in Sydney, and it has been raining all week... the good thing, you get to see a rainbow at the end..


diane said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, Domi. I'd love to hear the story about your friends getting married in the surfer VW van. I wish you would tell it, and put up some stick figure drawings to go with.

Dedene said...

Everyone around here has the flu, too. Your trip to the sea will get you feeling fit. Get well soon.

Dominica said...


will do (right now) but will post the pics ! THEY ARE SO GREAT !! watch out !