Saturday, 23 May 2009

Got some inspiration from BBF Diane

Diane of Cooking Blind has given me some good reason and inspiration to start a good ol' blogpost again. Been back at work, sold well and hey, why not finish the day with some GREAT pics and who knows (hope I can post it) a little movie (yes, you get to see me in action ; hysterical as usual) ...It's about the wedding of my friends Anouk & Patrick, and the VW bus they had for that day ...Think Beach Boys and the song I will post next to it ...that's how we all felt on that warm July 7th in 2006 (OMG, 3 years already !!) Me and hubby, weren't married yet (he still had to make an honest woman out of me) but my own wedding dress was already hanging behind the scenes, ready for my marriage. The people you will see in the pics are, the bride and groom, soon to be hubby and me, India and little Sebastian, Sarah and Geoffrey, a movie director, who can't stop filming and taking pics, even when he has a day off ! He and I were the witnesses for the wedding or as you like it, best man and woman (??) (how do you say that in Engrish and don't say bridesmaid !!) 
So, the main reason for this post, the love for oldtimers ...
So enjoy and I'm waiting for your comments !!
Have a nice Saturday yo'all (or night)

The rings !

India, 9 at that time and still SO innocent, together with one of the dogs of Anouk & Patrick, Wiske...

These 2 pics are especially for Girl Interrupted ; like spiders, I'm not afraid to let a fish 'suck' my finger ....:-D

Don't you just love the colour of that interior ??

The mayor of Herentals, a town outside Antwerp (30 minute drive) ; this is already countryside, yep, Belgium is very tiny)

The wedding rings were quite special ; white gold with a print of the partner's fingerprint engraved on it...

Me, doing my duty ...

The blushing bride ; behind her (left) you see Babs, our other work-mate from the office where I used to work..

Bubbles sweetie ?

Anouk is off to hide somewhere safe ! LOL

Did I hit some bird ?

Typical male ; you see, even at a young age, it's in their genes !

Chasing each other around the bus...


Helga said...

the pictures are great, so colorful! you and children looks amazing and happy )))

And i like very much this kind of wedding, the colors of their clothes are awsome :-)
thanks for sharing )

Jack Daniel said...

Wooooow. I heard your voice for the first time. You sound so Belgique!! :P

Lovely pics. Especially the one of the VW. It´s such a perfect van.

diane said...

First and foremost, I have never seen a bad photo of you. The video is too short, I was really excited because I thought I would see more of you in action.
That VW bus looks pristine, what a great ride!
I love the whole "feel" of this wedding day. Just lovely. And your children are beautiful.
Thanks so much for the link. xo

Girl Interrupted said...

Aww ... that looks like such a groovy wedding!! I wouldn't mind going to weddings if they were all like that.

Lol and thanks for the pics! :P Finger-sucking fish DO freak me out a little bit ... but they don't scare the livin' poop outta me like spiders do :P

You and your family are beautiful :)

Hope you're having a nice weekend

Dominica said...

I've seen there are some other movies ; maybe there's me and more action
But I'm always 'acting' in these lil' movies ; it's not really me and this really short one was an unexptected move from Geoffrey ...:-)
If you like, I'll post an extra moving one ...

I KNEW you were going to say SOMETHING but hey, I can do a really good Theo & Thea impression, if you like ....:-p
True, I do sound a bit Antwerpian but I really can't speak the very flat accent good.
I do know how to speak ABN (Algemeen Beschaafd Nederlands)

This was a great wedding ; it was 'en petite comitée' - a bit 2006 hippie and the food was also really good..

@Girl I.
The weather was also helping and it was indeed a lovely fact you are so right, weddings should be much more like this, more 'honest'

Dr Zibbs said...

Great pics! As for the VW bus, I sued to collect them and have a bout 100 of them somewhere in my attic.

NoeKs blogt... said...

Ohoh, mijn droom....als ik toch ooit....maar eerst een oude renault 4, dat is iets haalbaarder.
En ik doe hier altijd leuke muziek tips op ;)