Monday, 8 December 2008

I DO like Mondays

Cappuccino with wipped cream (no milk for us ...)

Coquilles Saint Jacques

breakfast mojito (or NA apple mojito)

What else can I do on a Monday ?
No I'm just kidding ! Looked forward to my BHF lunch with H. today at the Verso café...
Our day was just lovely and filled with luxury !
Credit Crunch ?! Never heard of it ! We won't let our economy down ! Spend - spend - spend ! (at least in GOOD food)


Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

you changed the look of the blog... the result is the same.... STUNNING!

Jack Daniel said...

Wow, I want to go visit the Verso cafe!

Dominica said...

@KE Guerre : thank you so much !

@Jack D. : you really should, you can enjoy just with 2 people or even alone it's a great place to get inspired and write about !