Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Lust list - last minute Christmas Shopping

There are wish-lists and lust-lists...right ?

Right ?
Everyone has at least 1 dreamgift in his/her mind...some of those presents will be out of our reach for ever but it's oh so nice to have a dream (hope ?), no ?
It's hope what keeps us going....

Here are a few of mine ; in a worst case scenario I will have to buy them myself (that's what sales are for !!)
Sales-period will start from January 3rd untill the 31st in Antwerp !


designerman said...

hi dominica! thanks for checking out my blog. love getting your comments.

love your color choices too!

Dominica said...

@designerman :

the pleasure is all mine !

Alessandra said...

Dominica, just like you, I had my wish/lust list...it was all in one...hahaha, and 2 of the things I wanted I got it as a present, so I very happy right now.