Sunday, 7 December 2008

Sunday...colourful day...

shadowplay with Borek Sipek

Jingle Bells, my eldest cat

Jelly Beans, my youngest cat

full jar with discoveries of 'lost' goodies of the past year

black sweet kitty-cat 'drop' candy -

cleaning and refill of the candy bowl


Alessandra said...

What can I say? Besides being such a sweet and nice woman, you have 2 cats (whom I adore) and lots of candy...can I go visit you? hahaha!

I promise I will cook for you! ;-)

Dominica said...

Offcourse you can !
And besides the sweets and candy I also have a LOT of chocolat in my house !

So I'll think it's best you come and move in with us !

Alessandra said...

Oh God! I am looking at flights!

That kind of offer is very hard to deny! Hahahaha.

What's the best or your favorite Belgium chocolate brands? I had some before, and they were amazing, but I don't remember who made it.

Dominica said...

Well, there are many but my personal favourite is Neuhaus and especially the Caprice one, I'm really addicted to that one...
We also have a guy called Burie and he makes the most wonderful window-displays in chocolate and then there's Marcolini, he even works with gold on his chocolat pieces...he's the one that has made a chocolat dress once
I'll try to search it up for you...

Alessandra said...

I am drooling here just thinking about the chocolates! ;-)