Monday, 3 November 2008

Leiden (not) but Breda !

One is allowed to have a change of heart, no ?
Because of the sh*tty weather, we decided to take a trip to a nearby place instead of Leiden.
Luckily I read so many Dutch magazines that I'm always capable of turning a good idea into another good idea...:-)
Breda has this big store called Kids Factory and it was so many years ago that I've seen it - it would still be great and who knows even better !
And it was !
Bought myself (an excuse to buy it for my shop is always a GOOD excuse) this deer-head cute ! Been wanting this for so long but just couldn't get myself over the edge of ordering it online...
There's always a 'line' of what to order by mail (except hotel bookings) and the amount was just over my imaginary edge so I've waited for a chance to see it 'for real' and this was just thé moment !

The center of Breda luckily lies near this just out of town-shop so an extra 5 minute-drive brought us to the center ...
Cold and rainy, Breda has not lost it's charm through the years - it's just big (or small) enough to find some nice addresses to go shopping.
I've remembered this nice brasserie called Dante and it was just ahead of us as we entered the market place.
A hot cup of coffee can do wonders and and extra piece of chocolat cake covered with marmelade made my day (shared it with my daughter, still counting those ol' calories).
So if a visit to Antwerp is on your list and you have an extra day left, just pop across the Dutch border and go and visit this cute little town (preferably on a sun-shiny-day)



i would love to have a coffee in that square!

Caroline said...

urgh i wish i was there!