Friday, 31 October 2008

Oct 31, Style du jour - Yesterday evening

Dress : Zara
Bodywarmer : Zara (and my God, it WAS a bodyWARMer)
skirt : H&M
tights : Doré Doré
belt : Hermès
boots : Vintage but I can tell that they were made in Italy ('cause the sole said so)
bracelet : Claire's

CC* style tip :
always use at least 1 *expensive* item on the outfit ; mainstreamers never can tell what part of your outfit only costs 29$ :-)
Invest in a good pair of tights : they're a bit more expensive than a Hennes pair but you will have so many colours to choose from and they last longer !
And it does upgrade your look, doesn't it ?


Anonymous said...

I wish I could pull off coloured tights!

Dominica said...

I think anyone can pull them off !
Just search for that brand that suits YOU the best..
I was a notorious black tights addict myself - sometimes you just need to try to know ...