Thursday, 3 March 2011

Timeless, I guess so

After so long I'm longing for another bag. I've been "shopping-bag-free" for 2 years. My big black Birkin was always at my side but I have to admit, it's a very heavy bag. Especially when it leaves you the space for loads of stuff and crap. The bigger the bag - the havier the load of crap will be.
Have to admit - a Birkin gives you free entrance and acces to lots of stuff. People do judge you by your bag. Sloppy jeans and old coat don't matter ; you have THE bag on your arm. It's like a VIP backstage pass.
Sounds surreal ? Well it's true.
Now, the new bag I have on my mind, is on the market for a while. It's a winner.
There's a possibility I don't get the chance to get 1. Apparently Fendi has a listing - almost like the Birkin bag.
We'll see... I'll just leave you with some yummie Peek-a-boo bag pictures. What's you favourite colour ?


diane said...

They're all great, the color doesn't much matter to me. Just tie a cool scarf onto the handle and I'm good to go.

Marius Cristian said...

Please help me win this car

Adriana said...

Love the pictures of you on top of the blog.
And the bag!!!!

zara james said...

Thanks for the Inspiration and I to can TOTALLY Relate to some of the quality points here. This gorgeous dress is Awesome! Bought one of these vintage only last year, hoping to get some mileage out of it.