Sunday, 13 March 2011

George Michael loves Belgian design

Did you hear the new single 'True Faith' by George Michael ? Not only did he cover a New Order song (one of my alltime favourite groups) but surprised us with a new look ; his glasses !

The glasses were designed bij Tim Van Steenbergen for THEO, one of our most famous (sun)glasses label in Belgium. Hubby wears THEO specs for years now (and is in desperate need to get some new ones confirmed by his optician).

What do you guys think about his new look ?


diane said...

He's gorgeous no matter what. The shades are really cool though.

Dominica said...

@Diane he was the only guy together with my American Gigolo (R. Gere) poster who ever covered my teen-badroomwall.
He shared my walls with Marilyn Monroe.

GlamorousGirl said...

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florin said...

This guy can and probably always look great! he has an amazing sense of style and elegance and he is proving it with this new look. Musically and also fashion wise, George is a true inspiration to me! Always!

llq said...

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