Wednesday, 5 January 2011

SS 2011 - wish list

Sometimes fashion can be too beautiful to be true. Mostly, I am drooling all over anything Chanel but this season, Miu Miu has hit my soft spot. So stylish, absolutely beautiful frocks and the shoes. THE SHOES.
I am not a shoe addict. My faithful followers know I have a scarf addiction. But the shoes Miu Miu has in store this season, are beyond amazing...
Wanna.have.them. Now.
The black & pink heels are my favourite pair ... they look so granny but with an edge to it !

I must admit they don't look comfy : but they are SO beautiful !


Emelie said...

I am aggry! great post!

Kisses from France =)

Fashion Fabrice said...

Absolutly right! Those shoes are... AMAZING! I think i'm in love haha! Love the collection!:)
you have such a great blog by the way!i'm happy i ran into it:) I really like your style and reading your posts!
So i'm your newest follower:)
hope you visit me back and become my follower too!
Have a fabulous day!

Kat said...

such a beautiful collection! i love those shoes. soooo pretty! love them! you have a very sweet blog! :D
im definitely follow!!
i hope you can follow me back ^-^