Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Dries van Noten

How can we not mention Dries van Noten ...
We must, our Antwerp proud and one of the most beautiful shops in Antwerp is a subject we always want to blog about.
Still leaning on last season's collection - remember those wide 1950-ies MadMen style skirts ? Even Michelle Obama could not resist !
How different and airy this collection looks compared to the Winter of 2010.
My fav ? The glittery almost fishtale alike look seen in trousers and the shoes !! Wowza !
Compared to the 'style de mamie' shoes seen at MiuMiu and Prada, this is way funkier and they look so comfortable due to the (almost) wedgy heals.


Jack Daniel said...

Hm...I haven't checked out your blog in such a long time. You even turned 40....never knew you were that old. :)

Dominica said...

I know, and I'm gonna be 41 soon !!
But for the outside world I'll stay 39 for the next couple of years ... :^)

Flower said...

hiya! those shoes are absolutly beautiful.. ive been following you for a few weeks now- wanna follow me back? my blog is
Flower ^___^