Saturday, 27 February 2010

My new hero ; Betty Page ... lookalike Katy Perry !

I am Pisces : I like changes, challenges ...
I'm a big Katy Perry fan... Not only is she funny ; she likes funny men too.
Isn't she the cutest girl ever seen with Russell Brand ?
I like RB too : he's edgy - but I like that in a man.
I sent these 2 pics below to my hairdresser Lindsay to ask if she could mix some of her secret 'concoctions' and make my hair nearly black, the darkest of browns ... She calls it espresso (I like coffee too, hot and strong).
I wanted something Katy Perry alike for a haircut but still a bit sexy, like the model in the Wheels and Doll Baby advertisement.
The one thing I still need to do, is to find someone to give me those AWESOME eyebrows !!
F*ck me ! How great are those ? Well trimmed and coloured ...

Stay tuned !

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A new job for Mr Koen

This morning my B(USA)F and me had a morning coffee ; well, to be honest, it was fresh ginger tea. When the Greek guy is not in at my fav coffee bar, I'll go for the ginger tea.
We catched up ; I gave her the PJ pants for Mr Monkey (her son), I made out of the fabric she brought me back from the States.
Sometimes you chat along and the subjects go from ginger tea to fabric, to the USA over to London, Chanel, good and bad friends, family, knitting and 'pompoms' !!
Apperently her husband is a prof-pompom-maker !! Yay !
I never imagined Koen (or any guy) making pompoms (unless they are treatened with a gun to their head).
So, next time I'll see her, Hil will hand over some of those fluo-wools I bought a couple of weeks ago and Mr S. will make me some real fluffy pompoms ! BIG ones ! I want them BIG !
Wich leaves me to this last question ; have any of you girls found out a typical female talent in your husband, partner or friend ?
Let us know and tall all ! :-)

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Only some pics( part 2) ....

Mystery girl at Picadilly C

Some1 is practising his 007-look !

Chinese disctrict, my fav place

Again at the Victoria & Albert museum, India took some pictures too ...

Our new home ... :-)

Hot apple-cinnamon juice, latte, profiterolles and crumble ... (to make up for the horrible weather conditions)

Room with a(n English) view ...

Friday, 19 February 2010

Only some pics( part 1) ...I'll talk about London in a following post

St Pauls cathedral ...

So cliché ...

At the Victoria & Albert museum : dresses from the past and present ...
Here's one of Diana's dresses .... this was a + moment of the trip ; I'm a big Diana fan.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

London Baby !!

I'm excited but in a very silent way....We are finally going to London !!
I guess I will sleep the entire trip in the Eurotunnel until hubby wakes me up to say I'm snoring and there's spittle drippin' on my sweater ...
Maybe this trip will do me good - no shop and work in a mile and talk but English all day long.
I hope I will get you some great pics in a weeks time. 
Can't miss a thing ; India will be there to keep me awake.
Inspiration will make me more alert ...
See ya in a weeks time ! 

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Glenns finally open !!

Last Thursday, Glenns opened it's doors for the public ...
I must say, I really really like the concept.
Great food, good music and also a lounge corner to enjoy a(ny) drink if you don't want to eat ...
a great place to hang out ...

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Every dog has his day ...

as 'Anonymous' said in a comment on my previous post !
I really need to cut my bangs ....
If I seem to be exhausted, worn out or gaunt ....yes I am.
As Mrs Slocombe would say : my pussy was lost last night and kept our entire family on  a hunt in search of it !
I even suspected our nanny to be a psycho - she surely would have strangled our little darling and kidnapped our decapitated cat in her Mary Poppins bag she brings along every week.
So after I did my collections at Annemie's agency this morning, I wanted a head massage so badly, to get rid off extra wrinkles and a massive headache due to last nights events.
We really lost her and it ;  gave up all hope and cried rivers all night long.
I eventually fell asleep watching CONTROL, a movie noir (we were so in the mood) about Ian Curtis of Joy Division...
until, at midnight, hubby gave me a push with his elbow and woke me up.
He held Jelly (the lost son) in his arms ...
I hate that cat a little for letting India, Sebastian & me cry all night long !
No candy this evening ! Let the cat 'meooow' (cry) for 24 hours !!