Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A new job for Mr Koen

This morning my B(USA)F and me had a morning coffee ; well, to be honest, it was fresh ginger tea. When the Greek guy is not in at my fav coffee bar, I'll go for the ginger tea.
We catched up ; I gave her the PJ pants for Mr Monkey (her son), I made out of the fabric she brought me back from the States.
Sometimes you chat along and the subjects go from ginger tea to fabric, to the USA over to London, Chanel, good and bad friends, family, knitting and 'pompoms' !!
Apperently her husband is a prof-pompom-maker !! Yay !
I never imagined Koen (or any guy) making pompoms (unless they are treatened with a gun to their head).
So, next time I'll see her, Hil will hand over some of those fluo-wools I bought a couple of weeks ago and Mr S. will make me some real fluffy pompoms ! BIG ones ! I want them BIG !
Wich leaves me to this last question ; have any of you girls found out a typical female talent in your husband, partner or friend ?
Let us know and tall all ! :-)


diane said...

Wow, a pom pom maker! That's crazy cool.
Not revealing my guy's special talent. :)

Anonymous said...


Sarah Lou xx said...

My ex had a talent for making babies with other girls during our 5 year relationship... does that count? hahaha.. apart from that, he was pretty useless, looked good in a vest tho ;-) xx

jokemijn said...

mijn vriendje heeft heeft onlangs leren haken, het lukt hem al redelijk goed. Geen idee waar hij het idee haalde, plots leek het hem wel ontspannend :)