Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Almost Fall ... (2010)

Yesterday, I had that first feeling Fall is just around the corner ...
Windy day, sun and rain every 5 minutes - falling leaves and the first fruits of the chest-nut tree on the ground. Fresh enough to bare a scarf - umbrella in my hand and the urge for a warm coffee with something extra. I discovered peppercino, cappu with ground pepper in it ! Delicious !
Did paint the kids' room in another colour and just as their newly painted room, school will begin tomorrow !
Early mornings, rush hour and daily routines make us forget this Summer and the amazing holiday feeling I had for the longest time.
Before we know it, we must lit our fireplace, prepare for an Octobre trip to Paris and Christmas preparations will let us know the New Year will be here soon !
Aaaah, Fall can be cold but always has it's charm too.

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diane said...

You make it all sound so nice. I love fall too.