Friday, 6 November 2009

Some extra chains (the girl from the beads store will think I fancy her...)

Hi again ! Here are some of my latest ; I admit, when I'm into something I'm completely obsessive !
I can do this for hours and hours ; the very nice girl from the beads store must think I'm mental !
I promised her that I couldn't keep coming in for the rest of my life, as school will begin again next week and I don't have time anymore to pick up more beads (instead, have to pick up Mr. Sebastian from school)
So the Frida chain was baptised 'Frida in Chains' thanks to my dear fellow blogger Diane.
Come up with something good for these 2 numbers and you will have your 15 minutes of fame (well at least in my little shop)


Anonymous said...

The first chain reminded me of the Earth. The blue ball looks like the Earth seen from a space shuttle.

The gold ball in the 2nd one makes me think of the rotating disco crytal balls.

diane said...

These are so pretty, they make me want to cry (I might be a little depressed or something). How about we call the gold/pink one "Tears from Fashion Heaven"?
Domi, you are so multi-talented, from staging concerts in a moving car to jewelry for the stars, very cool. xo d

Dominica said...

@Dedene & Diane
wow, you are SO good inventing names ! You're so gonna be my PR agents haha..."so pretty i want to cry' and "space shuttle earth view" ...mmm, very good ! very good indeed !!