Thursday, 5 November 2009

haha....ok, he's popular !

found this cute 1 in my mailbox this morning ... checked it twice and daily for the last week, and hurray, deary deer arrived today !
Now, proudly showing him off on my chest, to make my very basic outfit more colourful...he's already gone....tripping on the coat of a little 3 year old girl....
Hope she's happy with him ...:-)


diane said...

I love that new mixpod thing you put up. Jammin' to the music, with the photo of you (love the deer), it's almost like visiting.
Hey guess what. I got invited along with my daughter and friend to see Disney on Ice. I realize that I'll be taking care of Babyzilla, but's Disney on Ice! I don't know if I can take photos, but I'll try to snap some off. Hugs. xo d

vermiljoen said...

amai gij zijt een schone madam!!
ik laat je zeker iets weten over de bezemsteelsteek.

NoeKs blogt... said...

Hee da's een mooie 'deer'! Ik heb vandaag nog gouden opstrijkhertjes binnengekregen, moest gelijk aan je denken!
Ik ben even met vanalles en nog wat bezig, te druk voor twitter, maar binnenkort zal ik het weer eens opzoeken!

That Girl Ang said...

Love your pin.

I honored you with the SPLASH Award on my Blog.


Dominica said...

the group on the mixpod is belgian, Absynthe Minded and the song is bases in a poem of the late Hugo Claus (writer too)..U should take those Disney pics ! I love Mickey (the oldskool Steamboat Willy)

dank u ! Graag want het leek me een zeer schone steek !! groetjes,

Staan de gouden op je website ? Vlug ff kijken dan !

@T Girl A.
Wow, thanks ! Check that out immediately