Thursday, 17 September 2009


Petticoats, pearls and lots of inspiration from Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly and Dita von Teese !

My hair will be shiny and wavy (and on the search tomorrow for a hairclip like this) (check)

Do I have red lipstick ? (check)

Our mayor, Patrick Janssens invites you to his annual open air ball in fifties style, this Saturday, 8PM.

YaY !!
The entrance is free and swingdance lessons and lindy hop (whatever that is..) are there to try out ! A trio called Spank the Baby will teach us how to dance fifties-style ...
The Modernettes have a beauty parlor and I'm so curious to see what that's all about !
A mambo orchestra will play all night long, cocktails and music mixes of the best rock 'n roll, mambo and swingtunes...and all this for free !!
I will sure bring my little pink camera (in fact, it's India's camera but more 'instyle' to the theme) and hope to bring you loads of pictures home !
To get in the mood, I googled some hairstyles and dresscodes...
I'm very happy and always in for that kind of stuff !!


Mcmaris said...

The dress in the first pic is absolutely fabulous!!!!
Dita looks wonderful as usual, love the hair ideas!

diane said...

I'm actually more excited over this than about fashion week. Can't wait to see your photos, have a blast. xo

Dedene said...

That sounds like great fun! I love the dress. Is that really the one you're wearing? And, who better to emulate than Dita? She has such style.
Can't wait to see the pictures.

Jack Daniel said...

Thanks for the comment on my bloggie...

Are you for real with the Dita von Teese look?
Are you slowly doing a make over??