Saturday, 18 July 2009

YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS (part deux) Inspired by That Blue Yak

OMG ! I laughed so hard with today's new blogpost of Dr Zibbs . Seeing this Corey Feldman guy making an utter fool of himself with his bad lip-syncing and dance moves ...
You really have to watch this video out, if you didn't see it already.
Now, I got so inspired ; the hair, the moves, the outfit and most of all the BAD music (he had something in common with MJ ... Corey was just plain BAD), I went through some archives of European pop and look what I came up with.
Milli Vanilli : a group that looked ok in those days, the moves look hilarious now but the thing that really s*cked was that they didn't sing AT ALL. When the story broke, 1 of those guys, was so upset, killed himself over it ! Talk about some drama !
Now drama is an understatement with the next German group ; Modern Talking.
I've watched the entire +7 minutes video (it's a mix ; yay !) and I couldn't help but giving some extra comments too ...
In the first 36 seconds, notice how the blonde guy is doing his 'I have to go to the loo-move but I forgot just before we got onstage'
And what's with the hair of the leadsinger ..could it be a cover up for his ears ?
Into the 1:12 the leadsinger gets an attitude, repeated in the 1:36 and over again in the 1:43...
Also, the neighbour of Vic, must have found great inspiration in the gazing balls in this video Vic, that's where he got the idea ; blame it on Modern Talking !!
Further into the video, you also will notice the hair becomes longer, and longer and LONGER !
At 3:22 the attitude becomes even worse ; the guy clearly was making his first statement here ; glossy lips ! (nice colour though)
The second statement is made into 5:31 by wearing a 'carrie bradshaw avant la lettre-necklace' saying NORA. In other words ; it's not because I wear lipgloss I'm gay..I'm with Nora and this is my way of saying I love her ...
Yeah right !
6:34 brings us full option mullet fashion and further on Nora's baby is wearing pink trousers ; cause real guys can wear it off.
Hope you enjoyed the videos and have a wonderful weekend !


diane said...

This video gets the award for the most bloopers! I couldn't believe it when Milli Vanilli said they were bigger than the Beatles! hahahahahaha!

Jack Daniel said...

hahahahaha, this video is SUPER funny. :P