Saturday, 18 July 2009

Pics of the week !

Just a quick impression of this weeks events ; the weather was nice and warm. We could eat and drink a LOT outside, just the 2 of us or with friends ...
The little doll you see in front of the museum is my latest weakest link.
Pat from the Artist, had bought 4 of them and said he would display them on top of his washingmachine !! I think I made a squeaky sound the instant I saw them and yesterday I went over to the Clinic (Burburestraat) conceptstore to get me a monkey, a kitten and a rabbit.
They are brotherly standing next to each other on my own machine now !
Can't wait to see their heads shake and headbang when the device does it's work !
Maybe I'll have to film that ... :-)

PS special message to Diane ; could you give me the link to the blog you mentioned ?
Thanks ever so much !


Dr Zibbs said...

Very craptacular.

Anonymous said...

@Dr Zibbs
I know hahaha

diane said...

The photo of India is amazing!
If that doesn't work, click on it on my side bar.

HEK said...

Nice pics, it looks like a god week:) Love the one with the yellow animal!

Leia said...

Very cute pics! :)