Thursday, 16 July 2009

Francesco !

Because initially, this is still a blog about Antwerp I'd like to share my latest addiction in food.
Francesco is the owner and name of (his) restaurant just down the building were I live.
His food and terrace give me a holiday feeling and the man is such a doll, I would wanna eat there for the rest of my life...
So, if you ever visit Antwerp, have a meal at this place :
Francesco - Leopold de Waelplaats 26 - phone +32 (0)3/238 1900
I am no shoe addict but I found this Summer's Dries van Noten collection to die for !
Strangely enough I didn't buy the model I was craving for so long but some completely different - so not me- pair of shoes...
They felt like slippers, soft and easy to walk with, when I put them on my feet in the DVN shop, I fell for them like a bird that has fallen from a roof during a heatwave.
I had them on the entire night and I couldn't stop looking at how nice and elegant they made my feet look ; I could easily start a shoe and feet fetish right now !
I feel like I'm friggin' Carrie Bradshaw !
But with a Samantha edge to it ...LOL
Have a good night's sleep every1 and have sweet dreams (I know I will, feeling my eyes getting heavy when I look at my little darlings next to my bed this evening...)


Girl Interrupted said...

Oooh!, you need to start a shoe fetish and come join the club!! Those are lovely btw, I really like the colours.

Haha @ Carrie with a Samantha edge! ;) Woohoo! You just know Samantha's the type to keep her heels on.

Taylor S. said...

love love love the shoes. Really cute!
-taylor xoxo

diane said...

I shop like that too. I'll obsess over something for weeks, and then buy something completely different when I get the money. I love your shoes. What's up with the card?

Mr. Condescending said...

they look like shoes!

Dominica said...

@Girl I.
Ok I'll join this club !
Funny, I did write this post late last night and in the morning I got already 4 comments LOL
See what a shoe can do ?

@Taylor S.
Thxs Taylor, have to check your blog out today !

Typical no ? The card is the business card of the resto I was referring too in this blogpost

@Mr C;
yep shoes they are !
And I didn't need someone to help find them via Twitter ;-))

diane said...

Hey there honey, I asked Susie of Style Bubble to let you know about her post on Deer clothing. Just in case she doesn't, go to her blog and scroll down until you find the title with Deer in it, you'll be glad you did. xo

Nina (Femme Rationale) said...

you really have gorgeous eyes!

Anonymous said...

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