Sunday, 12 July 2009

Les excuses sont fait pour s'en servir !

Another reason why I didn't blog that much was my surprise-party for my husband, Stephan !
Finally yesterday night it was about that time !!
A huge relief for me as the tension began to build up (too much) !
Very hard for a woman to keep a secret for so many months !
As you know, we will hit the grounds of Capri pretty soon and it's just then hubby will become 50 ! So that's why we did the s-party yesterday. ;-)

I also couldn't share anything with you guys, cause hubby is a fan of our blogs and reads my Twitters too via his i-phone.
My daily mails concerning the party went through my laptop in the shop, secret phone calls and sign language !
We always go out to eat every Friday and if we can Saturday too.
Mostly I do the reservations so I decided we'd do a little Italian resto on Friday and we would do our local resto 'the Artist', from our dear friend Joël ! Joël was my partner in crime too and played along with the matter brilliantly. We laughed frequently behind Steph's back, cause he really didn't have a clue.
So yesterday night, I gave the assignment to all of our friends to go to the Artist by 8pm. We would come down between 8,30 en 9, as we usually do.
Now typically, hubby needs a lot of grooming and pimping. That's why he still doesn't look his age. Me for that matter, I look 10 years older after this nervewrecking adventure !
I gently asked him to rush it a bit as I hadn't eaten a lot that day (he could verify via Twitter LOL) and I'd prefer to go down a little bit sooner instead of the usual 9 o'clock.
I texted Nicki, Steph's daughter, he was in the shower, out of the shower 20 minutes later (don't ask), he was grooming (another 10 minutes later) and pimping and dressing up (5 minutes due to my pressure tactics).
While he was doing all this, I released my pressure by dancing to Rihanna (yes Diane, you know me so well), MJ (I can't get enough of him, sorry, everybody here's fed up with MJ, except me...I know, I'm tacky, but you have to admit he made some fabulous music, no ?, and he makes me feel like a PYT !).
Pokerface was also my dance routine last night cause I can make good middlename now is pokerface, he just couldn't read my pokerface all these months.
Patrick, my friend and house-style graphic designer will post good pictures pretty soon by mail, so IOU those probably this week in another blogpost.
For now, I'm leaving you with my style du jour of last Friday and some cellphone pics (poor quality) of last night ....


Dedene said...

Happy Birthday, Steph! Good work keeping a secret for so long. It's hard to do.
Nice dress, too.

diane said...

Dominica, Bravo! You would make a good under cover agent, no pun intended.
Happy Birthday Steph! and many more.

Love the color of your dress, and for your information, you sooo do NOT look older than you are; younger, but definitely not older. xo

Dominica said...


thanks, now I feel a lot better today ! Nice comments of you both and some organising stress of these last 3 months that fell of my shoulders !

HEK said...

Wow, that sounds so much fun. And I can see you had a great time too. That blue dress looks lovely on you, it's your colour:)

Girl Interrupted said...

I'm so envious of your life, I always check out your twitpics which are just full of glamorous evenings in lovely restaurants and bars with sumptuous dishes and elegant drinks ... the cake looked totally awesome btw (I was craving cake for hours afterwards), and loving that maxi-dress on you.

Glad you and your husband had a nice night x