Wednesday, 10 June 2009

What we (shop assistant, shop owners, information desk people) REALLY think of you !

I've read this article on what sales assistants really think of us costumers. Now I was really cracked up by the article ! Most of what was written was so recognisable to me. Before I had my own little shop, I used to work for more then 10 years in a light advisory office. I used to deal with customers, unbelievable to be true. My former work mates Anouk and Babs, who joined us later on,  could write a book, a sequel and maybe a weekly column on what we had to endure.
My first ever 'important' client was Ms B. -  a lady, mid 50ies, who owned a factory that made chocolat paste and she drove a Jag. Now, one would think she would be loaded with money but she was the greediest person I've ever know and she had a way in directing people in shops, to bring things to her house (my ever so stupid and sexist manager at that time, drove stuff all the way the her home, so she wouldn't have to pay a delivery fee). When I was just beginning, I was really intimidated with this b*tch, her fierce black hear and her bloodred lipstick that was never put on properly (she had these fine lines up and down her lip, marking her age and her lipstick would run out in them fine lines).
After I had my 2 kids, I became more harsh myself towards her, and treated her in the same blunt way like she did.
Another customer, who was friends with someone higher on the ladder of the company, came in one day and 'demanded' an instant treatment for advise and didn't take no for an answer.
I took the challenge and asked him if he could show me the plans of his house/loft, else - it would be very difficult to give him immediate and correct advice and since I didn't own a glass ball or witchcraft, I was unaible to serve him correctly.
And I was somebody that wouldn't give advice just like that, as we weren't in a candystore but working with serious material and so much could go wrong. I scared him off with a thing or 2 that could go wrong ; would cost him a lot of extra money and so he agreed to see me on a later date.
When I was sitting with this guy - called G. Dom (= in Flemish/Dutch "dom" means stupid)
in our meeting room, I noticed he was bla-bla-ing about his house, where it was situated, he owned a boat (moawn....sigh but with eyes rolled back) and that he was sailing it 6 months a year..during the conversation it became clear to me has was single. He was trying to do anything to warm me up for more than advice but hey, as you know me by now, I notice a cheesed*ck miles away !
As months went on and he came in our showroom/office again to pick up some delivery or extra info, the real Mr. Dom came floating to the surface. I already understood he had no clue how to handle women ; but when he didn't understand something or it wasn't going his way, he changed into a 3 year old. He would paw to the ground like a child !! Can you imagine standing in front of someone like that, looking at him whilst he's doing that and then try to have a normal convo ?
Anouk and I paid him back by doing something evil with his mailbox at his house...:-)
The bad thing is (at least for them) that we knew where these customers lived and we could give them a run for their money if they were really annoying !!

Some people and I'm not going to say/discuss what nationality, because I'm not a rascist, always have this first question ready ; "How many discount do you give ?"

Barbara and me were like ; what do you say ?
Customer ; how many discount do you give ?
B and me ; what do you say ?
Customer ; how many discount do you give ?
B and me ; what do you say ?
and when somebody finally said ; she/he wants to know about any discount !
We were like, ooh, we only take the dust off, that's all !
In other shops, where I am the customer too, I always seem to attract the complaining pain in the a** kind of client.
I remember it being December, merry songs and happy vibes, and Studio Brussels was just doing a Music for Life action in Ghent.
3 DJ's share a week in a glass house, only living on juice, no food - play 24/24 records on demand and the money that's spend on these records go to a good cause. It was the year African countries were in need of tools for drinkable water.
I was in the Nespresso shop in Antwerp, (you know, the What Else ? coffeeshop add with George Clooney) to wait in line to buy my cups for my Espresso machine.
Before me there was this 60something lady that was waiting, just like me.
I know this shop is always crowded with people and very popular and I must admit, the coffee is a good as George Clooney's looks.
Now, all of a sudden, she began nagging to me about the waiting lines this shop ALWAYS had, that this girl behind the counter wasn't helpful and why didn't she help (the girl was doing stock and minding the small coffeebar in the back of the store and she even offered us a coffee !) - that the service after hours was poor - "why can't you leave your espressomachine here behind for check-up ?" -- Oh yeah I told her cynically, I always bring my washing machine too when it has to be just fits in my Chanel bag !
OMG, this firm comes to your house to collect the machine ; they give you a replacement until your machine is fixed ! Talk about some pretty good service, right ?
And then, to top it off, she complained on how expensive the coffee was...!!
I just had it and told her she had negative vibes and I didn't like hers to effect me too.
I said to her she should be so lucky to have all these great varieties in coffee and nobody was holding a gun to her head that she should buy coffee here and that water just came running down her tap whenever she wanted it !
Luckily you don't live in Sudan, where you have to walk 3 hours to get some water at all !!
I think I saved the shop assistant from a nagging old bat ; cause she was out the shop with her errands VERY QUICKLY !!

Have you had any memorable customers or ever stood next to someone with a sign = I'm not with her/him ?
Tell me ALL about it !


diane said...

No stories to tell, but I love the line "we only take the dust off". Very witty. xo

Dominica said...

Works ALL the time ! :-)

NoeKs blogt... said...

;) smiling a big time.

Als ik weer in Antwerpen kom, zeg ik niets tegen jou, kom ik gewoon binnen en ga ik heel vervelend doen ;) Kijken wat je doet, haha...
Gemeen he ;)
Maar serieus, ik kom binnenkort weer een keer naar Antwerpen, kom ik zeker even bij je kijken hoor!

Dominica said...

Ik herken je vanaf je over de grens komt LOL

XAVS said...

hahahaha, love the line we only take the dust off as well, and the pic...oh my! I'm sure they do!

Jack Daniel said...

Jeeeeeeeeeeeeez what an EXTREMELY long post!!!!!

But now im afraid to visit your shop because I'm the type of customer that knows what's going through the mind of the shopowner, assistant, etc...I can just feel the eyes of some of people on my back and I can hear them thinking: He looks like a student...he's not gonna buy something. He looks sooo young, he doesn't have a lot of money. :P
But when I show interest in extremely expensive objects, they treat me like a King. :)