Tuesday, 9 June 2009

This is so funny

Nighty Night was a serie I really looked forward too several Friday's in a row !
I guess it ran here about 2 years ago on Canvas ; a television channel that offers the best of British and Belgian comedy.
Jill was the lead female part and she was really evil ! But very funny...Her dress sense was hilarious sometimes and being tactful wasn't in her dictionary ...Here you see her turning Glenn down ; Glenn suffers from a nervous physical tic (he moves his head strangely from time to time)
and has enormous teeth ! Later on in the series she marries him but only for his life insurance ; in her mind she's killing him already on their honeymoon !

Enjoy and have fun !

PS Is it also raining like sh*t in your country ?


diane said...

Oh, I love her, she played the part of the caterer in Love Actually.
That lesbian line was too funny.

Dominica said...

Oh - have to watch that movie again then...will check her out (again)
yes, the lesbo line was great ; LOL when she said she needed patches for her to get 'cured' ...

Fancy Schmancy said...

I've never seen it, but I can say that it is raining like shit all over the world, apparently! So much for global warming, I think we're going to go through global cooling, first!