Tuesday, 5 May 2009

and to make the day complete ...

If you already read my story from this morning, I hope you pity me a bit ...
Just half an hour before closure (my shop) a mother and 2 daughters came in to search for something in red to match a skirt for a wedding.
In my shop I have this fabulous little stool, more of a throne. It's a childsize classical chair, painted in silver and the fabric is bright velvet pink. Every girl and even the boys want to check this throne out.
It's great to try on new shoes or just to sit and relax a bit.
Now, the eldest child was a very sweet and quiet girl, looking and writing in her diary and sat herself down in this chair.
Mom was checking out the clothes with a little help from me. Now, the other, younger sister, began nagging on the fact she wanted to sit in this chair too and we, mom and I, both (still) calm replied she could after she tried on this red and white polka dot blouse...HELL no !
The more we tried, the louder her voice and sobbing became, turning into screaming and hysterical behaviour. 
The Omen came to mind and when I saw the anger and scary look from this kid ; I was like...pretty soon I'll be flying through the shop and breaking my neck. (I was thinking to myself I we shave her head, 666 will appear...Creeeeeepy)
And I thought my kids were giving me a hard time !! OMG, I would be so embarrassed !
This kid just wouldn't move and I said to her that I didn't like it at all that she was speaking so rude to her mother. I was like : ok kid, no nonsense here....you're outta here ! No shirt at all for you...as soon as she realised I meant it, she began to calm down,  still sobbing and trying on the blouse.
Mom bought the blouse in the end but I was quite shaken by the little person !
I can't recall any adult behaving like this in years !
Kids can be so nasty !! I'm done with kids ; when I came into school to pick up my son...this little lady came to talk to me with the words : Sebastian has done something wrong today !!
Still moved by the child in my shop...I replied back in a strict and severe way ;
I don't like blabbing kids...!! 
If Sebastian did something, his teacher will tell me in person !
It's not up to you to tell me !
And I turned my back on her...


diane said...

(whispering)tomorrow will be better.

Morena Daisy said...

Wow what an interesting little anecdote. This is exactly why I do not want kids.

But nice post. You've entertained me for the day. I love your blog.

Alessandra said...

D, I laughed so hard when I read "if I shaved her head, I think 666 will appear". I can only imagine!

Kids can be a blessing but also very, very, extremely annoying. After working as a nanny for these many years, I might be changing my mind about having kids...don't know if I can make it. ;-)

Hope Wednesday is a great day for you!