Monday, 5 January 2009

Victoria looks cute

I have to say that she is very brave to go out with heels like that ... my intention this morning was to go out with my friend H. on high heels but when I woke up, I saw this bright white carpet outside and I was like ; uh oh !
So I'm in my Fred Perry sneakers combined with grey pinstripe trousers and a black turtle neck sweater and my warmest black cashmere coat !
A beanie makes my look complete but just only because it's bloody cold !
Hopefully H. & I will find a great bargon today and come home with a warm feeling...
Will keep you guys informed on who has found the best sale !

I found this picture yesterday browsing through the daily news and found that she looked very cute !


SKA said...

Hi I`m from Argentine. I love your Blog !!! Saludos! elnegroentanga

diane said...

Good luck sale shopping. Sneakers are a smart choice for that, no aching feet at the end of the day.