Saturday, 3 January 2009

Sharp dressed man...

My husband has a (great) sense of style...!
And I'm very say so...:-D
He's 12 years my senior but does dress like a trendy young guy...
I sometimes see men half is age and they always make my eyes rise towards the sky ... what is it with some people ??
Luckily I see a lot of sharp dressed guys here in our blog-world and that makes me happy ... everything's not lost !

Suit : Yohji Yamamoto
Scarf : Dries van Noten

My hubby was the first to get a great bargon at Dior yesterday !
Look at these patent leather elegant patchwork shoes !
They will look great under his tuxedo but even with a jean they look fab !

This was me - ready to go on NYE.
A lot of colour - not my normal kinda outfit but I used to be a Oilily girl I guess a little piece of me will always stay that bright-coloured girl

Dress : Patrizia Pepe
Tuxedo jacket : H&M
Scarf : Dries van Noten (stole it from hubby)
Tights : Doré Doré
Boots : Vintage Italian ones
Clutch : baby Kelly Hermès (can also be worn as a backpack...really !)


diane said...

That is indeed a very colorful outfit! You can't have a bad time dressed like that.
Your husband looks wonderful, and I LOVE the Dior shoes.

Also, thanks so much for your wonderful comments. It's getting so I look forward to what you will have to say. Cheers.

Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Thxs For The Love On My Blog. Ya Husband Is Rather Sharp Ask Him Can I have That Scarf Its my Fav Color lol. I Like Those Dior Shoes. I Must Say The Man Can Dress

Jack Daniel said...

Wow, your husband looks really...dapper!
And his hair...certainly a neat man. But he looks cranky. :P (because of the face expression in the picture).

You two are a HIP couple! You're definitely a hip lady, hearing the trendy hip dance music on your music player. Haha.

PrincessImp. said...

Both of you make such a beautiful couple! You are right, your husband seems to be such a sharp dresser.. I am going to show your post to my husband now to inspire him! ;)

Nina (femme rationale) said...

hi dominica! thank you for visiting my site! you and your husband look dashing together. and men who can pull off scarves are a-ok in my book.

btw, you have a beautiful smile! :)

Milt-fresh_best-dressed said...

I must agree with my sexy Virgo_Diva, your husband is a very sharp dressed man. I love his taste. Those Dior Shoes would be perfect in my collection!!! And you're absolutly right, the shoes would look fantastic both bays

JFK Jean said...

My god, those colors, loving all of it. You and the husband look awesome.