Saturday, 31 January 2009

Retail therapy (part II)

Look at that red nose and pale face (even my hair falls flat next to my ears...)

The Roger Vivier shoes ; aren't they just lovely...I'll keep them next to my bed this evening (I know, I'm pathetic...) and look at them as I fall asleep ....
Jill Sander shirt for hubby...
D&G polo...fabulous colours..trés chique ..

So, to make life a bit more interesting and a shrink is not an option any more for me...I ran (again, as a shop-a-holic I must maintain this title) to Verso yesterday for the last time because the sales are ending today !
I have to say...minus 70% is very tempting and I'm like, hey I'm just gonna buy these beautiful and expensive frocks only in January and July (the only official sales-months in Belgium) if they are giving such a great discount and the choice and my size is still available in a lot of stuff !
So, I bought this lovely Jackie O-ish warm winter dress for a very reasonable price ...
I can't go and look at the new items either without my OOOh's and AAaah's... and for the very first time I saw the most beautiful shoe, a Roger Vivier, exclusive sales-point in Belgium (yes !) at Verso and they were to die for !!
Really, they looked fabulous ! I'm not a shoe addict (I'm more of a scarf-addict as you know) but when I came home last night I blinked my eyes towards my husband a few times more (I know he's a sucker for a high heeled shoe) and gave him the old fashioned hint...
I must say, I'm a very lucky lady and sometimes forget how wonderful he his !
He came to my shop at closing time and said ; hurry up, if you wanna have some shoes !!
We picked out some nice shirt and polo for him too ...(he looked so handsome in his D&G polo...sigh) I'm always even happier for him to suggest and let him buy some nice clothes for himself ...


The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

the heels and d&g polo are my fav picks :)

antwerp fashion week next weekend?

Milt-fresh_best-dressed said...

I see you went to work fellow shopahaulic. Those shoes are to die for. I can't bleme you for sitting them near your bed. Something I would do! LOL! The Jill Sander shirt is very eye catching. Love the color

diane said...

I display my shoes all over the bedroom, on shelves, so don't feel bad. Even ones that are too worn to wear, but oh so cool, are on display. This drives my husband nuts, by the way, as he feels like he doesn't have a space of his own.

Alessandra said...

Dominica! You are my hero! do what I want to, shop and shop a bit more! And most of the time enjoying sales. I guess you would go bananas here in the US, because there are always great sales on designer stuff. Maybe if you check the store web sites you can find a great deal and even get it shipped to you in Antwerp. Let me know if you want some web site references.

Loved the shoes, dress and polo. And you, as always the beautiful model! hahaha! XO

Anonymous said...

I must go to Antwerp. It is almost a duty being a Canadian (Although I am now Swiss). I suppose that you cannot have the memory, but, at least when I was growing up, we were always told about Antwerp and the canadian soldiers who fought there.

I am reading your blog to lay the soil for other kinds of memories.

Anonymous said...

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