Saturday, 10 January 2009

Kids Fair Kleine Fabriek in Amsterdam

I've started a year ago with my little vintage & new children's shop and it does just great !
Having been in interior more than 10 years - I was so fed up with all these grumpy customers and their decadent questions and demands..I wanted to do something for myself and by myself ... I even doubted to go on with this job but more 'my way' but then again, it didn't feel would still have the same impact on me (I can assure you that grumpiness is contagious) and I just wanted to be a happy person that would come home smiling and have all these great vibes surrounding her..
So, the idea of a cute little shop emerged and came true...
One year on, I must say I have changed, I enjoy my life more and made some great friends..I meet lovely people every day and I detect a bad-vibed person when entering my shop...I stay the happy me and most of those evil-ones sneak out as fast as they can when they have an 'I'm so happy overdose shot' from me and the other happy customers...

So tomorrow I'm headed towards Holland, Amsterdam to buy my stuff for the shop (for next Winter !!) ...
A 2 hours train ride doesn't bother me at all...I love trains, they're comfy and they serve coffee and cakes !
I will buy myself another Dutch magazine...and will come home with inspiration and new ideas !
Will show you pictures next week of this event !
Have a great weekend you guys !

Taj up your home (in my Thursday's post you see my cat playing on a red blanket ... the gnome cushion next to it - is from this brand)

One of the many exhibitors at the Fair see so much in 1 day ; I always get greedy and want to buy's just fabulous all this kidsstuff !


diane said...

OOOOO, Holland. Some of my favorite blankets are from Holland. I love their decorating ideas, too. Come to think of it, my grand daughter has a couple of toys from there, too. I love them because they are very simple, safe, and have great, eye-catching colors. You can tell they were not mass produced.

Jack Daniel said...

Oh, I forgot you have your own shop. That's so great!

I hope you've had fun in Amsterdam. Can't wait to see some pictures. :) Thanks for the comment on my blog And yes it's 'het stuur'. Haha.

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

En HOE was het!?
Leuke nieuwe kleren kunnen inkopen voor volgend seizoen?

Dominica said...

@ you guys :

ja het was fun alleen een veels té lange treinrit terug naar beurs was nu eerder rondkijken en alvast de basis bijbestellen en vderder heb ik dan de echte bestel-afspraken in de loop v deze maand en deels februari ... foto's volgen deze week nog !