Saturday, 10 January 2009

Have to write - I am so happy !

Take a look at a very lucky lady !

Today, I got this text message from Anne Zellien ; she informed me that she did a 50% discount on some items of her silver collection. She told me to come over and also spread the word.
Didn't know I wanted to go because when I'm at Anne's shop - I always get greedy and want to buy the most expensive thing in her shop (I don't do this on purpose ; like any woman I always tend to pick to most expensive piece :-O)
But as she's a gentle and sweet woman, I was polite and thought I might have a look at some earrings.
After I closed my shop, Stephan and I went to the Kammenstraat to get to her shop.
As I came in she said : I'm so glad you did come over - I have a present for you !!!
She then showed me her present - this little ring with a pink gem and 2 tiny birds sitting on top of the gem like it was a well filled with pink water ...
I allready was in love with that one before...even said something about it on the way to her shop...she knows me so damn well.
Take a look at her website yourselves ; she's has a great collection !

On top I got this book as a present from my husband ... I feel so fortunate today !
It's a fabulous book with thé most beautiful pictures !

I bought these earrings because I didn't want to go with just my present and nothing else. Was a good deal nevertheless...with a 50% discount I'm the proud owner of Anne's silver collection earrings ... aren't they just fab ?


diane said...

That is such a sweet ring design. The earrings are very pretty, too.
Now, as for the book: I think your husband must be a very special man to buy you such a cool book on clothes. I've been with my guy for over 28 years, and he would never think of that. Kudos!

Jack Daniel said...

I have a new book as well and I love it. :P

HEK said...

You lucky girl:) That ring is lovely, and a man who knows how to buy great gifts!:)

Dominica said...

@ jack :
tell us more about your book !

Hek :
yeah he knows me pretty well :-D
The ring was a gift from the designer who is responsable for all of my other fine should check out her website ... she sells online as well !
If you ever do, say you know her through me !!