Saturday, 22 November 2008


Chinese food ! Aaaah !
If someone ask you to go out for Chinese food, what is the first thing that comes to mind ?

A kitschy and typical interior with lampions, the wrong shades of pink and mostly (in our country at least) the elderly as customers..
No don't get me wrong. I DO like lampions and lucky cats but not ALL together in one room.
It over-stimulates the senses when all these items surround us and the food gets a second place...
Not at TANGS !
A minimalistic interior, a correct and friendly service and delicious and freshly made food. An open kitchen takes away any suspicion of a dirty and greasy environment (as it is often said that once you go into a Chinese kitchen - you'll never be able to eat Chinese food again...)
Tangs has been more than 7 years in the street were I work and it's still good !
Very good !
So...if you're into Asian food and you're in Antwerp, don't go out and try it the easy way by going to Lucy Chang (so typical and quickly boring) but DO make reservations at will enjoy and wish there was a Tangs in your hometown...