Saturday, 22 November 2008

La Perla at Shamade

Everyone needs underwear...well, maybe not everybody, let's call it playwear then...

I've been spoiled rotten today...Stephan has treated me for some silk and lace playwear...
A few days ago I passed the Shamade shop and my eye caught this beautiful bright pink playset that was displayed in the window...The finest lace was used for this number and the pink was just adorable..
Took a picture of it with my cell and mailed it to hubby's office...The mms had just one line : "Mooi ?" (beautiful ?)
The answer came back : "Very"
My answer back : "Very expensive"
Following answer : "So ?"

Okay, this was a very clear response and I know that I don't have to do or ask much for this kind of present.
Now I must admit that, even when you wear the most sloppy jean, when you wear a 500$ playset underneat, you feel sexy. Really hot sexy !

Now, this kind of accessory needs a helpful and experienced shop assistent. So, I would recommend Shamade as the perfect place for this purchase...
2 very charming ladies welcome you and let you try with pleasure the 'outfits' of your choise.
They help you with the right size - VERY imprtant for a bra - and give you an honest opinion.
So, in the end, it was not my first choise - but I think I got something even better...will post some detail later...


Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

The photo selected....whoa!!
as a man i must thank you for this post, it reminded me that the little things (no pun intended) can be ohhh so special.

Vanna said...

Great post. I love that people in relationships can keep things fresh just by adding some sexy undergarments.

Hope you've been well Dominica!

marie said...

beautiful pic! oh yes, lingerie is VERY important.